Envoyé: lundi 31 mars 2008 15:26
À: LISAN Benjamin (ext.); DE LA MOTTE Hugues (ext.)
Objet: Case 240-743-775 (issues with the compatibility with powerpath ...)
Good afternoon Benjamin,
please find below the procedure to clean your configuration and get the device properly available.
Run the following:
vxddladm excludearray all
mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/
mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/
vxconfigd -k     (this can take some time to complete)
vxddladm includearray all
then running
vxdisk -o alldgs list
you should see the device how expected.
After that please send me the output of following commands:
cat /etc/vx/
cat /etc/vx/
vxdisk -e -o alldgs list
During the execution, the I/O will not be suspended, so the device already configured, will keep on working.
Please let me know when you will have run the suggested procedure or if you need further assistance or information.
Best Regards
Davide Magistris

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